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High Survival Rates, High Growth Rates, Customer Satisfaction

For 40+ years A.R.C. has been concentrating on spawning, growing and nurturing high-quality shellfish seed for farmer/growers. Our lines of brood stock are mixed with carefully selected wild-caught specimens and we have created our own proprietary strain of algae to feed the juvenile shellfish. Three strategically placed nurseries allow the seed to grow to desired size in low density, healthy environments and help keep seed moving to meet our customers’ demand.


We take great deal of pride in the consistency and quality of our oyster seed. A lineage of oysters chosen for desirable traits such as fast growth rate, healthy meat, deep cups and attractive presentation result in customer satisfaction from Farm to Table. A.R.C. sells Diploid oysters, and Triploids for customers interested in a faster-growing seed.

Quahogs (Hard-shelled Clams)

A.R.C. built its reputation on producing the finest hard-shelled clam seed on the East Coast. These Quahogs are bred using high standards in the selection of brood stock, a growing system developed and adapted over the last 40 years, and careful attention to the specific needs of juvenile clams during critical growth stages.

Specialty Orders

A.R.C. often sells seed in sizes smaller than the standard R1.5 – R3/4 and will spawn other species such as Bay Scallops, Surf Clams,Razor Clams and DBY Oystersto order. Call 508-385-3933 x3 for information and quotes on spawning “specialty” species, and for quotes on orders for sizes other than standard.

Technical Advice

A.R.C.’s staff includes biologists, aquaculturalists, and experienced farmer/growers. We build most of our own custom equipment and are often experimenting with spawning and growing techniques to advance the field of aquaculture. Our expert staff is often consulted by industry professionals and would be happy to share their knowledge with you. For technical advice, please call 508-385-3933 x2.

Ordering Information

We are currently taking orders for 2020, please click the link below for a form-fill order form then email completed to [email protected], or print and mail to P.O. Box 2028, Dennis, MA 02638.

Seed orders are filled based on a priority system by:

1. Acceptance of a deposit (minimum 20%)
2. Date of order. In order to insure seed delivery on the dates you desire, please place orders as early as possible.

Payment is due upon delivery of the seed, municipalities exempt.

Minimum order: $500 (per size, per species)

A.R.C. unconditionally guarantees the viability of seed upon departure from our nursery. However, we accept no responsibility for growth and survival thereafter.

There will be an additional charge of 15% for orders of Triploid and DBY Oysters to cover royalty fees associated with process licensing issued by the College of William and Mary and its affiliate, the Virginia Institute of Marine Science.

Finding the Right size seed

Shellfish farmers have equipment and expertise geared to different sizes of seed from which they want to start growing. A.R.C. seed size is based on the highest mesh screen size on which the seed will sit. For example, R8 seed will sit on (be retained on) an 8mm screen without falling through.

A.R.C. Size of Size of
Sieve Size
Seed (mm) Seed (in.)
R1.5 2.0 – 3.2 .079 – .126
R2 3.2 – 4.2 .126 – .157
R3 4.2 – 5.3 .157 – .209
R4 5.3 – 8.0 .209 – .315
R6 8.0 – 11.0 .315 – .433
R8 11.0 – 16.4 .433 – .646
R12 15.0 – 20.0 .591 – .787
R3/4 20.0 – 25.0 .787 – .984

Size Conversions
3mm ≈ 1/8″ 6.3mm ≈ 1/4″
13mm ≈ 1/2″ 19mm = .75”

Sieve Sizes

“R” stands for Retained On.

The number Indicates the approximate size (in millimeters) of the largest screen on which the seed can be retained. So, an R4 seed is “Retained On” a 4mm screen. It will, however, fall through a 6mm screen.

To avoid losing some seed through the mesh in your bags, when placing seed in mesh containers always use a mesh size at least one size smaller than the mesh the seed was retained on.

Sieve Ranges
Size ranges were developed using quahog seed. Oyster seed will be very close to the ranges indicated. Surf clam seed will generally be larger in length than the ranges indicated.

OUR SEED High Survival Rates, High Growth Rates, Customer Satisfaction For 40+ years A.R.C. has been concentrating on spawning, growing and nurturing high-quality shellfish seed for