papaya weed

Papaya weed

Smells like the names suggests just like papya! The buds are dense and speckled with purple hues all over lots of orange hairs and a blanket of crystals all over. The high hits in the head first but I felt that with heavy use I felt the indica effects.

This stuff took all my pain away in my right shoulder. Had tingling and pain in my arm and within 20 min it was down 99% No tingling no discomfort and the high is very relaxing yet not sleepy. The stuff I got was 27.283% THC so this baby is powerful. Doesnt take much. It makes you feel relaxed happy and content without a sleepy high. .

Its a little too fruity tasting for my liking. It does a good job of giving me an upbeat high though.

Wow. Picked up an 1/8 of Cru Papaya at Pals Dispensary in Bishop, Ca. today. Total THC just over 20%. Totally blown away at how high one small bowl has gotten me. The taste is nothing special, it’s rather bland. But oh Lord if you’re looking for a good stoney high, this is for you ! I would say this is not a strain to take lightly. It’s a heavy hitter, so be prepared for a ride. Lol.

Papaya by The Cure Company is an Indica dominate Hybrid containing 29% THC! Firm, minty green buds with apricot orange pistils & cloudy peach fuzz hairs & trichomes. Effects liberate my mind & relax my body causing happiness. Favorite part of the strain are the smells & tastes. Sweet & fruity along with a herbal spicy pepper. I keep going back for more! Happiest Of Sedation’s 🙂

fire bud fantastic high !

pics 1-3 are mine. I forget growing is a skill. Not all who produce are of equal skill. Papaya is a pheno of ICE. little smell during veg, warp speed producer. All it needs is daily tending and water. It is the fastest flowering plant and after a proper hang dry and cure the odor starts to present itself as pine, tropical, and a unique whiskey /guava odor when combusted..The first 30 min could be a lil frisky and carefree,creative.. then body melt raging body high with the ability to stay clear headed. Bottom Line A+ strain when grown, cured trimmed correctly..The smell from the air tight jar is unique, and this is not your avg run of the mill strain when greenthumbs get a hold of it. it also has a sweet honey aftertaste

Papaya is a pest resilient indica-dominant strain with Nirvana as its breeder. It is a cross-hybrid of Citral #13 and Ice #2. It has a high THC content of up to 25%. The physical features of Papaya include blade-shaped nugs, bright green leaves, brown hair and a crystalline look. It has a thick s…