platinum berry strain

Platinum berry strain

Excellent strain has great euphoric feeling but it did keep me awake

Very rare strain. It’s very vibrant in colors and you can find spot of purple and blue. It has a very colorful green. The trichomes are everywhere on the surface. Almost making its look white and green with bright orange hairs.

Definitely is rare, complex in a good way. Can feel the effects as an Indica in the body, sativa in the mood, and calmly relaxing in the mind. Smells great like a sweet, creamy, slightly pungent subtle blueberry smell. Trichromes everywhere, even looks like it’ll bring joy. Also extremely euphoric, in a comforting way.

Platinum Blueberry is a rare indica dominant hybrid strain created through crossing the infamous Platinum OG Kush with the delicious DJ Short Blueberry strain. This powerhouse combination creates a deliciously addictive bud with fresh flavors and sizzling full-bodied effects. Platinum Bluebery …