r18 strain

R18 strain

As the previous reviewer stated- a PERFECT strain, perfect my x of genetics and by far my very favorite strain. Sometimes it is sold as Redhead OG here in Arizona. The high is happy, calm- and more calm, with focus to be active. An original California strain, most likely a mix of Afghan and Columbian gold. Growers- produce more of this strain please.

This is one of the original REAL N Cal Indicas with a perfect mix of genes (most likely Afghani and a South American Sativa such as Columbian Gold or Panama.) Great happy feeling with massive stress/ pressure relief. Five STARS and my favorite strain by far.

Though exact THC details are hard to come by, Redhead 18 or R-18 is known to be one of the most potent strains on the market. It's a phenotype descendant of OG Kush and is similar to the old OG #18 strain. This strain is a hybrid, but there isn't much information to determine the exact balance of…