raindrop crystals

6022 XIRIUS Raindrop Pendant

Unlike other components, in the Xirius Raindrop Pendant the effect has . been applied from the top, rather than the side. This creates an homogenous appearance that gives its classic look when viewed from the side, as well as a kaleidoscopic effect when seen fro . m below. The Xirius Raindrop Pendant features a classic drop shape with a modern twist that makes it a perfect match for futuristic designs, while still offering classic elegance. Use it either as a striking centerpiece or combine it with classic or modern components to create strong architectural designs and contemporary 3-D effects.

Metric measurement in millimeters. Pearl Plate (PP), Sieve Size or Stone Size (SS) for round crystals.

Not available in this configuration.


Swarovski has been able to achieve various special surface effects by using special chemical and mechanical processes on the surface of the crystals.

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