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Red, White and Blue Kush. A Strain Review

Let me make a humble suggestion for you this Independence Day. You’d be well served to make Blue Kush part of the Blue portion of your red, white and blue celebration. This sativa dominant strain, with generous portions of indica in the mix, is a wonderfully balanced (55 percent to 45 percent) mix of the two. And it would be great to use right before a 4th of July parade… just saying. (The only thing better than a parade is a parade while high!)

Blue Kush is a delicious combination of the well known Blueberry and OG Kush strains, and it lives up to that spectacular lineage, with an intense flavor and aroma including hints of lemon, pine and berries. This hybrid leans to the sativa side of the equation, with cerebral and uplifting effects; the only thing really “blue” about this strain is the name, because it tends to result in happiness.

Mood elevation isn’t the only positive, of course. I’m a medical marijuana patient, and I also experienced relaxation and pain/nausea relief, along with definite appetite stimulation. I found Blue Kush to be quite a “social” strain; you might find it ideal to smoke with a group of friends.

Its light green calyxes hearken back to the Blueberry side of its heritage, while the flower structure is definitely quite Kush (pinecone-shaped buds). The flowers are very frosty; trichomes are so abundant that any handling results in a little trail of crystals (and you’ll definitely want to gather those up and smoke them).

The flowers start with a predominantly piney Kush smell, then grinding or crumbling releases more of a sweet/sour berry smell. The pungency factor is very high, and positively mouth-watering for those of us who appreciate a good strain (OK, that’s almost everybody). Interestingly enough, the berry part of this strain’s taste seems closer to red berries than to blueberries.

Now, while Blue Kush is a sativa dominant, as you smoke more of it, the indica part of its lineage begins to assert itself more authoritatively (this makes sense, with 45 percent indica). The sativa portion of its genetics keeps the indica from being overly sleepy, as many pure indica strains can do, but you will definitely become quite relaxed and less accomplishment-oriented as you smoke into the evening.

While extremely tasty in joints, pipes or bongs, if you want to fully experience all the delicious terpenes of Blue Kush, you could do worse than to rent a Volcano vaporizer at Uncle Ike’s Glass Shop. The sub-combustion temperatures of vaporization preserve more of the delicate flavonoids and terpenes, providing an even more intense taste experience.

Blue Kush, with 18 percent THC and grown by the Virginia Company, is available at Uncle Ike’s Pot Shop in 2-gram, 3.5-gram (one-eighth ounce), 7 gram (quarter ounce), and 14 gram (half ounce) sizes. Check the online menu for pricing.

Let me make a humble suggestion for you this Independence Day. You'd be well served to make Blue Kush part of the Blue portion of your red, white and blue