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Why Gel2Root Works


Gel2Root is a unique medium specifically developed for the propagation of houseplants whether softwood cuttings, leaf cuttings or offsets are used.


Gel2Root is homogeneous and provides the cutting with a natural chemical to promote root formation. The root-inducing agent, indole-3-butyric acid (IBA), occurs naturally in plants. It helps to reduce the shock to the cutting by providing an environment that is similar to that inside the cutting. Reducing shock helps lead to the natural formation of root buds on the stem.


When soil or compost is used for cuttings the tendency is often to remove them to see whether or not roots have formed. If they haven’t, this process may itself prevent root bud formation. Using Gel2Root enables you to see the roots develop. The new young roots are provided with a full package of nutrients to ensure rapid and healthy development.


Gel2Root is essentially a medium for propagation but, there is no need to pot on immediately the roots become visible. This can be done at your leisure because the nutrients and water in the gel will sustain a considerable amount of growth.

Taking Cuttings

Gel2Root is a special formulation for the rooting of cuttings of common houseplants, such as African Violet (Saintpaulia), Coleus (Solenostomum) and Chrysanthemum, and softwood conservatory plants, including Weeping Fig (Ficus), Fuchsia and Ivy (Hedera). It has been tested for over 30 species/varieties. The unique, homogeneous, peat-free and transparent gel allows visual checks to be made of the progress of rooting so that appropriate timing for potting-on can be readily assessed. Gel2Root is not only easy to use and clean but requires no watering or feeding during rooting.

Instructions for Gel2Root Propagation System and 6 Pot Refill

Softwood Stem Cuttings (Do not use hardwood cuttings)

  1. The Gel2Root propagation system contains a six-pack of rooting gel and a mini-propagator with a green base and a transparent lid, all enclosed in a sleeve with ‘Instructions for use’. For best results always use the mini propagator.
  2. Pour a small amount of water to the green base of the mini-propagator to maintain a high humidity around the pots. Place the six-pack into the green base of the propagator.
  3. Using a clean, sharp knife or blade, take cuttings, approximately 12 cm (about 5 inches) long, from healthy. This can be done all year round but best results are between March and October.
  4. Just before inserting into the gel, remove the lower leaves and cut to approximately 9cm (about 3½ inches) just below a leaf joint. Only a few small leaves are needed on any stem cutting.
  5. Using a pointed object, such as a pencil or skewer, carefully make a hole in the foil lid just large enough to accept the cuttings without damaging them. The foil minimises evaporation. DO NOT REMOVE.
  6. Insert the cuttings, up to 3 per pot depending on their size, about halfway into the gel. Do not use hormone rooting powder as it will be detrimental to rooting in this gel.
  7. Place the pots with cuttings into the propagator base and cover with the clear lid. Make sure the vents have been pushed out of the lid to ensure air flow. Keep the intact mini-propagator in a light, warm place but not in direct sunlight and ensure that the base of the propagator remains moist until roots appear.
  8. Then, without further watering or feeding, watch the roots grow!! Once a well developed root system has formed the plants can be potted on.

Leaf Stem Cuttings (Suitable for African Violet (Saintpaulia), Peperomia etc.)

  1. As 1 and 2 (above).
  2. From healthy plants, cut mature leaves with their stems and trim.
  3. Following 5 (above), insert the leaf stem into the gel, leaving the leaf blade above the foil lid. Do not use hormone rooting powder.
  4. Proceed as in 7 and 8 for softwood stem cuttings as above.

Roots will develop on the stem of the leaf and shoots will grow from buds at the intersection of leaf stem and blade.


When cuttings can be seen to be well rooted, cut the foil around them carefully and remove them from the pot. There is no need to remove any adhering gel before potting on into soil or compost in the usual way. With rooted leaf stems, the entire leaf stem should be placed in the soil or compost.

Refill Packs for the Mini-propagators

Please note that refill six-packs of Gel2Root are available separately from the mini-propagator.

Instructions for Gel2Root Dispenser

  1. Any suitable clean container can be used e.g. a standard plug cell tray (one cutting per cell) or a yoghurt pot (up to three cuttings per pot). As always, make sure the containers are clean. Allow 40ml of gel per cutting.
  2. Up-end the bottle a couple of times to ensure an even distribution of gel in the bottle. Shake the gel to the cap end of the bottle, open the cap and squeeze the bottle firmly to dispense the gel. The gel will reform almost immediately and is ready for use.
  3. Take fresh cuttings and insert them into the gel as soon as possible after taking them. Make sure each cutting is 10mm below the surface of the gel.
  4. Place in a ventilated propagator. Keep the bottom of the tray moist to provide a humid atmosphere around the cutting. Alternatively, place the pots in a tray and loosely cover with a clean polythene bag or sheet. Allow for some ventilation.
  5. Position the propagator somewhere light and warm, ideally 18 – 21oC during the day and not less than 10oC at night. Avoid direct sunlight.
  6. Check the gel for signs of evaporation and top up if necessary.
  7. Most of the cuttings will be well rooted within 4 weeks or so.
  8. Leave the cuttings in the gel until there are signs of obvious root formation. Provided the gel is kept topped up, they may be left in their containers for a considerable time.
  9. Once rooted, gently lift the cuttings out of the gel and pot on. There is no need to remove any gel that may stick to the roots.

Types of Cuttings

Gel2Root is suitable for rooting cuttings of houseplants and many softwoods. Do not use hardwood cuttings ………… they will not root!

Select cuttings from a characteristic part of the parent plant so that these details are represented in your new plant. Different types of cuttings are summarized below. Make sure you take the correct type of cutting from each plant. Generally, for plants that have several leaves growing along each stem, it is a stem cutting that will root. For plants mostly formed from leaves, i.e. one leaf per short stem or several leaves growing from the same point on short stems, leaf stem or leaf cuttings are likely to root. Pay careful attention to detail and you will be rewarded with healthy new plants.

Stem Cuttings

Stem cuttings are commonly used to propagate plants with distinct stems e.g. fuchsia, coleus and geranium.

The cutting should be taken from a fast-growing stem from the current year’s growth as these shoots are most likely to produce roots.
Take stem cuttings approximately 12 cm (about 5 inches) long, from healthy plants, remove the lower leaves and cut to approximately 9 cm (about 3½ inches) just below a leaf joint. Only a few small leaves are needed on any stem cutting. Immediately put the cutting into gel to avoid wilting.

Nugel manufactures and sells advanced plant gel products for propagation and cuttings. Our products are Gel2Root, Gel4Plugs and Groovy Roots. Nugel is the clean and simple way to take cuttings from plants.