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letting water sit in pot saucers

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watering my plants is a real bitch of a job they are quite large standing at about 1.0 to 1.3 meters tall and are tied down to bamboo stakes. they are in plastic 16.9 litre planter bags. i usually have to water them every 48 hours. as it is fucking hot in my grow room with 2200 watts beating down on them and little to no proper ventilation set up.

now i usually feed them about 4-5 liters and get quite a bit of run off from this. the saucers which my plants sit in usually get full to the brim and emptying them in a bitch because the planter bags are so heavy having just been watered and i have to move plants around so that i can pick them up and move them without damaging them or other plants. it’s just such a hassle. so i tend to just leave the water in there. not sure exactly how long it takes to be absorbed by the plant but i would say no longer then maybe 6 hours. could be half of that. i haven’t kept track (which i should).

anyway i was wandering if this is bad for my plants. it does get very hot and they do seem to drink it up pretty quickly even with a good watering. just wandering if other people also just leave it like i do. or what are some possible consequences from leaving it besides over watering which doesn’t seem to have been an issue and the plants show on signs of it. cheers

watering my plants is a real bitch of a job they are quite large standing at about 1.0 to 1.3 meters tall and are tied down to bamboo stakes. they are in…

Saucers for 11 litre pots

Black plastic square saucer for 11 litre pots.

By placing it under the pot, it prevents flooding of the floor surface while watering, keeping the growspace clean and healthy.

Available in two models (slightly different sizes), one is compatible with the white 11L pot and with the automatic conic pot, and the other fits the black 11L pot .

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