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Livestock Seed Bucket

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Livestock Seed Bucket

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This highly nutritious Livestock Feed & Forage Pack is the perfect seed pack for supporting homestead and small farm animals. Grow food to feed your horses, cows, sheep, goats, chickens, rabbits, even dogs and cats! This 6LB+ pail contains 12 varieties of both Forage (field grasses and grazing, like alfalfa and clover) and Feed (storable, dry grains for manual feeding, like corn, oats and wheat). Whether you are supporting an operating homestead or starting a new one with sustainable non-hybrid seeds, the Livestock Feed & Forage Pack is your choice for successful animal nourishment and it’s 100% non-hybrid, open pollinated, non-GMO.


High in protein and minerals, Alfalfa hay is a high-energy feed source for cattle, horses and sheep. Dairy cows in particular have much to benefit from the high rate of protein contained in Alfalfa, sometimes exceeding 25% of mass. Also well-suited to younger animals or those with greater protein needs.

Barley is similar in profile to Oats, but makes a more suitable source of forage for those seeking lower energy content. Soft and highly digestible, Barley can be high in sugar and should be used carefully if concerned about colic in horses and othe animals. Should be crushed is used as a feed in ruminant mixes.

Clover, Red
Red Clover is suitable as forage for cattle and young stock. The high sugar content is especially ideal for fattening, but should be avoided if colic is a concern. Monitor consumption carefully, or avoid feed completely, to horses. Additionally, there is evidence indicating a correlation between red clover consumption and infertility in sheep.

Corn is high in starch, and provides a good source of energy as a grain feed fo cattle, sheep, hogs, goats and chickens. If given to horses, be sure to keep an eye on consumption. It is advisable to crush kernels prior to feeding.

Fescue, Tall
Tall Fescue provides good forage as a pasture grass for cattle, sheep and horses. It is especially suited for winter grazing, and will withstand the stresses of trampling better than most other grasses.

Flax is suitable for nearly all livestock and poultry, and inclusion in the diet as a feed will help to boost the essential fatty acid content in meat. Will also help to improve quality and luster of coat.

Oats are high in fiber and low in starch and provide good balanced nutrition as a feed for cattle, hogs, sheep, goats, chicken and other livestock. Most commonly, oats are the traditional grain fed to horses due to its nutrition, palatability and digestibility.

Orchardgrass makes an ideal everyday forage grass for a wide variety of livestock, including cattle, sheep, goats, horses and others. Easy to digest and cultivate, it makes a fine choice for hay, grazing and silage.

Peas, Field
hogs, poultry and other animals. Rich in both starches and protein, field peas provide a nice complement to many other livestock feed grains.

Ryegrass is a suitable pasture grass for cattle and sheep and can also be used as a hay. Not suitable for horses, as evidence indicates excessive consumption may lead to staggers.

Timothy is a versatile grass that can be fed to cattle and horses as hay, and also provides suitabe forage as a pasture grass to sheep, cattle, goats and other animals. Also safe for other domestic animals including rabbits, guinea pigs and others.

Wheat has greater protein content relative to other grains and as such can be used as a feed for cattle, hay for horses and as a pasture grass for sheep, cattle, goats and others. If using as a feed, use a coarse grind as finer grinds may cause digestive problems.

*Seed varieties are subject to change without notice. Replacements will be as close as possible and included in seed documentation.

The highly nutritious Livestock Seed Collection Bucket for Survival Seed Storage is the perfect seed pack for supporting homestead and small farm animals.