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Seed master

Advancing the precision of every farm we touch.

We supply precise, masterful seeding equipment that is inspired by relentless curiosity and an endless obsession with on-farm efficiency and innovation.


SeedMaster is a genuine, family-style partner for farmers.

We put farmers first by engineering our products with simplicity in mind and taking time to challenge conventional methods by always asking, “why?” We are dedicated to building the most precise seeding technology in the industry and strive to help farmers optimize the genetic potential of each and every seed.


In 1991, SeedMaster president and founder, Norbert Beaujot—a farmer himself and a professional engineer—created a simple but powerful concept when he pioneered the first active-hydraulic, ground-following, individual row opener.

Seeing the destructive nature of tillage first hand on his own farm, Norbert set out to find a better way to precisely seed the crop without having to till the land. The move to no-till would help to conserve precious moisture and reduce fuel and equipment operating costs. One-pass seed and fertilizer placement was the goal, but not at the sacrifice of sound agronomics, accurate seed placement and optimal stand establishment.

In the spring of 1992, the first opener prototype was built and used to seed over 1,000 acres on Norbert Beaujot’s farm. Since then, SeedMaster has continued to refine and innovate the opener and air delivery systems to provide a no-till air drill that is second to none for growers around the world.

Along the way, Norbert helped farmers move toward a more sustainable way of farming that reduces wind and water erosion and improves crop productivity and farm profitability.

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