slogans for marijuana

The Top 20 Slogans for Legalized Marijuana Joke

19. Pot: When You Care Enough Not to Care At All.

18. A Day Without Pot is Like School.

17. Weed My Lips!

16. Hey, America – Let’s Blow This joint!

15. What’s So Great About Short-Term Memory Anyway?

14. Obey Your Jones.

13. Hemp: The world’s practical solution to making, like, paper and rope and
necklaces and stuff.

12. It’s Not Just For Glaucoma Anymore!

11. Help Eradicate Road Rage in Our Lifetime.

10. Official Sponsor of the NBA.

9. Because the waste is a terrible thing to mi. Dude! I totally fucked that

8. Cannabis: The PRE-Coital Smoke.

7. This is your brain.
This is your brain on pot.
This is your brain desperately searching for Doritos.

6. When Was the Last Time You REALLY Looked at Your Hand?

5. SMOKE POT! (Did we just say that out loud? Or did we just think it?)

4. Recommended by 5 Out of 5 Deadheads.

2. It’s the all-the-time smokey, skunky, sticky, greeny, seedy, stemmy, doobie
so-you-can-get-high medicine.

and the number 1 logan for legalized marijuana.

1. Skull-Shaped Bong: $12.00
Primo Maui-Grown Bud: $25.00
Watching Teletubbies with Your Buddies: Priceless – Jokes and More