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Can Air-Pots And Smart Pots Increase Cannabis Yield?

The pots you grow cannabis in can dramatically affect yield, flavour, and overall plant health. Smart and Air-Pots are two options for those who are looking for better ways to grow their potted cannabis. Here is a primer on what they are and the difference between them.


There is little these days that is not being fundamentally rethought with the aid of technology. That is absolutely true of the world of weed. Starting with cultivation.

Here is the great news. You don’t have to be a billion dollar Canadian pot unicorn to avail yourself of such techniques and equipment.

This starts with so-called “Smart” and “Air” Pots.


If you have observed odd-looking pots at your local grow shop, you probably know what Smart and Air-Pots are – even if you did not know what you were looking at. These are special grow containers that help provide extra oxygen to the roots of your growing cannababies.

This concept is also why hydro growing is so effective.

Extra oxygen is the key to healthier plants. And of course, healthier plants produce higher yields.

However, picking the right pot can hugely impact the bud you grow.


Your plant pot, along with the medium you root your plants in, is the most important piece of grow equipment you will invest in. Why? The amount and quality of the final product relies on a healthy plant, right from the start.

Yields can be drastically reduced by several different conditions created by the pots you plant in.

Stunted seedling growth is a big culprit. This happens when the moisture content is inconsistent in the grow medium (either too dry or too wet). Overheating your plants at any stage of growth can also slow maturation. This in turn slows growth and decreases yield. Plants whose roots are abnormally stunted by the grow environment cannot absorb enough nutrients. Root cramping or binding stresses the plant out. And stress leads to lower yields.


Both Smart Pots and Air-Pots are brand name products with several variations on a common theme. In general, here is how to understand the difference between the two.

A “Smart” Pot is made out of a stiff fabric. It is a squat, wide, cloth container. If location and space are an issue, remember that these make it possible to grow in a slightly “shorter” space. However, these pots are broad. You will require some space to set them up.

If growing indoors as opposed to a porch or greenhouse, you will need to consider drainage. In order to capture water run-off, you will need to place a large tray underneath your pots.

Air-Pots, in contrast, are plastic containers that are perforated or have odd-looking raised semicircles on the sides. The holes and “bubble spaces” of air pots allow plants to spread roots as they will. This pot is rigid, and tends to be taller and slimmer than a smart pot. They are also easier to move around.

On the negative side? Air-Pots can be a bit messy. Soil and water can also spill out through the holes. These pots also need to be put on a tray to capture run-off.

Bottom line? Both Smart and Air-Pots produce significantly healthier plants than traditional ceramic or plastic grow tubs.


With the RQS Fabric Pot, Royal Queen Seeds has made several improvements on the typical smart pot while keeping all of this soft-sided container’s best traits. This new pot continues to provide an increased amount of oxygen to the plant’s roots and prevents circular root development to enhance both health and growth.

The RQS Fabric Pot includes an innovative “Aqua Breathe” layer as an inner sleeve. This air-permeable material allows air to flow through freely, but restricts water flow. Because of this feature, the pot only drains through the bottom. This keeps the grow room cleaner, helps prevent moisture problems, and keeps the pot from slumping down. As added bonuses, salt stains won’t bleed through, and it’s almost impossible to overwater your plants.

Unlike most other smart pots, the RQS Fabric Pot features sturdy, durable handles that help you maintain your grip so you can move even the biggest cannabis plants with less effort. The fabric is made of environmentally friendly material that’s both washable and biodegradable. Each fabric pot features an attractive RQS logo embroidered on the side in gold. The 11-litre RQS Fabric Pot can be used in any grow environment from hydro to soil, indoors or outdoors.

The environmentally friendly RQS fabric pot, complete with proprietary “Aqua Breathe” geotextile layer, lets your plant’s roots breathe for optimal growth.

The environmentally friendly RQS fabric pot, complete with proprietary “Aqua Breathe” geotextile layer, lets your plant’s roots breathe for optimal growth.


There are several major benefits for shifting your grow to a Smart or Air-Pot.

  1. It is easier. The plants are more protected from your own failings as a cultivator. That starts with overwatering.
  2. There is no way roots can choke the plant if they meet a hard pot “wall.” Greater aeration is really good for the roots. The one downside on the maintenance front? Plants grown in such pots need to be watered more often.
  3. You get better results. And bigger yields.

The pots you grow in can dramatically affect your plant's health, yield, and bud flavour. Here is a primer on what these pots can do.