smoke weed everyday vine

I smoke weed everyday

Tell us a funny “once I was so high. ” story (we love these!): Umm the latest story I can think of is one night my girlfriend and I were out and we decided to go smoke a kb joint in the neighborhood next to mine. I haven’t smoked in like four months due to some legal stuff with this workman’s comp and a hospital so needless to say after smoking that we got super blazed. We were driving around and we got so lost. I knew the names of the streets, but I couldn’t remember where we were and we were laughing so hard. After about two hours, we finally got out of the subdivision and went home. When we got to our house, we realized we lost our house keys and had to get in through a window and before we went to bed we found the house key on my girlfriend’s keychain.

If you could smoke with anyone famous (politicians, actors, writers, models, etc), who and why?: I would smoke (or do any drug at that) with Elliott Smith. When I was 16/17 in high school, I used to have real big problem with drinking. His music just helped me out in my life in so many ways.

What Music/bands do you like?: I listen to a variety of music, but when I’m smoking some of my favorites are Elliott Smith, Bone thugs n harmony, 2pac, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Kind of like spitting and the list goes on.

What movies do you like?:Super Troopers, Napolean Dynamite, Saving Silverman, Coneheads, Old School, and yet again the list goes on.

Are you in love with Maryjane?: of course. We have two babies on the way.

What is your opinion on gay marrige?:If that’s your kinda thing, sweet. It’s not my say whether or not someone can like someone else. I could careless, really.

What is your opinion on sex?:I love sex. Luckily I have a girlfriend who loves sex as well. We go hand in hand.

Do you have any piercings or tatoos?(show pictures if you can)?: I have two tattoos, my lip pierced and my ears pierced. I don’t have a camera anymore so no pictures. Sorry. I’m not a site quite worth seeing as it is anyways.

Show us a picture of your bowl/bong/hookah/smoking device: I don’t have pictures, but I can say all the things we have. We have four metal pipes, one glass pipe, one glass bong, A TON OF BLUNT/PAPERS, a joint roller, a device to cut up the weed, a mini trash can and 2 liter bottle, cans, and a 20oz mountain dew bottle. We smoke out of anything.

Dating Status(Pictures if you can): No pictures yet. I have been dating Elizabeth for almost two years now.

Why should you be accepted?:There’s no reason really why I should be accepted, but I’d hope to. I’m fun I think.

Promote us in 3 more places and show us!: I’m kinda in a hurry to show you right now, but I have told a lot of friends about this community so hopefully they’ll post apps just like I did.

Show us 3 or more pictures:
100×100 picture(or as close as you can get)that you want on the under info:
I can’t do these, sorry 🙁

Name: Daniel or Dan. Whichever you prefer. Location: Jacksonville, Florida Age: How long have you been smoking?: seven years now. Tell us a funny