snowdawg strain

Snowdawg strain

Probably one of my more favorite hybrids. I really enjoy sativa type strains best, over most others. Though, that being said, this hybrid to ME, hits like a sativa, though with some relaxing side effects. Quite nice wake and bake too. I’d smoke this one anytime, except bedtime. This strain, to me, is a really good strain, that flies under most peoples radar

I have been prescribed morphine and multiple other medications that left me without any positive outlook, and then came g6, I no longer take morphine. or most of the other drugs given to me. The thing that blows my mind is why strains like snow dawg are not the first course of action, not the afterthought. I can now tolerate my chronic pain,and depression without the life draining side effects of pharmaceuticals! This strain will ALWAYS be in my medicine cabinet!

I originally wanted to get something more mild like finola kush or white widow x mazar but they didn’t have any buds of either at my dispensary. I got this instead and it’s stronger than I expected but it wasn’t overwhelming. I took two puffs and after several minutes it’s slowly creeped up on me. This was day one to see if it helps my cervical stenosis as well and my anxiety and depression. Im feeling hopeful that this will be a wonderful new beginning for me.

Literally just tried it, absolutely amazing!! The smell was heavenly, very pleasant and strong but not to skunky. Gave me more energy and makes my muscular dystrophy feel a lot better. Definitely in my top 10. Please try if given the opportunity to do so.

I firsthand smoked this snow dawg and let me tell you. This is the best tasting weed I’ve ever smoked. It tastes just like it smells. Like it was a heaven sent God plant. Snow Dawg is everything this site posted it to be and more. #SnowDawg #BeatTaste #AmazingSmell #TreeLife

This sativa dominant hybrid strain is also known as Super Snow Dawg. It originated in the Eastern United States and belongs to the Chemdawg family. The genetics of this quick flowering cannabis strain includes a bubble chemdawg clone crossed to an Oregon Snow and Super Skunk. The plant yields wel…