south park weed episode

Tegridy Weed

Randy and Towelie introduce a product with Tegridy.

This short clip is a fragment from the episode Tegridy Farms (Season 22, Episode 4)

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It’s Like Mango and Kiwi

Kyle, Stan, Kenny and Cartman confront the person who has been selling Vape Pens to Kyle’s little .

Not On My Farm

Randy gets an offer to go into business, but refuses when he learns how his bud will be used.

Tegridy Jungle Bud

The state inspector arrives to test the Tegridy Farms bud.

On a Colorado Farm

Randy enjoys life on the farm.

Vape On This!

Randy and Towelie team up to take down Big Vape. Meanwhile, Cartman, Butters and Kyle get caught red.

Everything Costs Money

After getting punched in the face, Butters confronts Cartman about their latest scheme.

Gummy Bear Surprise

When Kyle learns that Ike is Vaping, he confronts his little brother and the Kindergartners.

It’s a Hemp Hat

Stan and Randy spend some quality time together.

I’m Over It

After Shelley gets in trouble at school, the Marsh family decides to adopt a simpler life.

We Want Out

Before Kyle can tell on Cartman and Butters, they persuade Kyle to help them.

Oh, Yeah!

Vaping Man visits South Park Elementary as part of Cartman’s new marketing stunt.

Fight For My Children’s’ Future

Randy prepares to take the fight to the Vapers.

Morning Neighbor

Randy discusses his latest crop with his neighbor. Meanwhile, the boys confront the person who has b.

We Sold the Farm

Randy confronts his next door neighbor after learning they sold their farm to a Vaping Company

Get the Stuff and the Cash

Kyle tries to help Cartman, but gets pulled deeper into Cartman’s scheme.

The Sixth Graders are Pissed

Cartman and Butters convince Kyle to help them one more time.

Way to Under React

Randy freaks out when he learns Stan was caught at school with a Vaporizer.

Randy and Towelie introduce a product with Tegridy.