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What To Smoke Weed Out Of

What’s in the artice?

I get a sense that weed is taking over the world. The legalization of weed in locations in the US has resulted in marijuana conversations trending in the news. Goodbye cigarettes, cannabis receives more shares on social media than ever before and a daily mention in a newsletter that I subscribe to.

The awareness of the health benefits of bud is back and more people want to join in on the good times so I thought I would share my wisdom. There are a variety of ways to consume pot. Everyone has a preferred product. Joint effects are felt quickly but don’t offer the lifespan of pot effects like cannabis cookies do. However pot is pot, there is no right answer and you will soon discover your own best way to consume it. You can pretty much smoke weed out of anything. From a young age, I have tried plenty different materials and here is a list of some of my favorites. The good thing is that most require normal household items/objects that you usually have lying around somewhere.

Smoking weed

There are many smoking devices to choose from and many articles discussing them so here is some information on my site discussing the alternative devices and their benefits.

Hot Knives

This is the best method for simplicity. All you kneed is two knives and you can get started. Turn your stove to medium heat, place the knives on the heating element, stick the weed onto one of the knives and once they are both hot squeeze the weed with the other one. This will produce smoke immediately for you to inhale. Be careful of burning yourself when you touch the knife. Alternatively, you could place the weed directly onto the heating element in a foil bowl, however you could end up burning your face and you have no control over the direction of the smoke so I would not recommend trying this.


If you are tying to hide your marijuana use then vaporizers or vape pens are your best bet. Vaporizers do not smell and they provide a pure hit with nothing but the weed vapor. Cannabis consumers have borrowed vape techniques from tobacco smokers because vaporizers preserve the active ingredients of the weed by operating at a temperature closer to the vaporization point of marijuana. This occurs because vaporizing lowers the temperature at which cannabinoids change from a solid to gas. In this way, the good stuff, i.e. the THC, CBD, CBG and other cannabinoids remain. Unfortunately, vape pens come with higher prices so only invest in one of these pens if you plan on using marijuana in the long term.


In marijuana culture, bongs get their popularity from the fact that they get you high very quickly and are the smoothest way to smoke. The idea behind bongs is that when the smoke travels from the bong bowl to your lungs, it comes into contact with water. As per the Different types of bongs article on my website, bongs are made out of different materials such as glass, plastic, ceramic, metal and bamboo with numerous designs and shapes. Percolator bongs provide an even smoother smoke than others because percolators cool down the smoke and provide better filtration.


A joint is one of the most classic smoking devices – it has been around for ages and is not going anywhere. Joints are small in size so they are easy to travel with. Store them in a plastic bag or a container and you are good to go. Joints exclusively include marijuana. If you mix weed and tobacco then stoners no longer called it a joint but rather a spliff. A joint is made by rolling marijuana in rolling papers. Rolling papers are usually made out of hemp so that they do not burn as quickly as normal paper. Rolling papers are easy to find and affordable making joints one of the most convenient smoking devices.

Make a sploof to hide the smell of pot. This container is made out of cardboard roll which is filled with scented drying paper sheets. One of the sheets is wrapped around the end tip of the roll and sealed with tape. Once you have smoked your herbs, exhale directly into the container. You can try your hand at some DIY and customize it with colored tape, pen ink or pencil to add different patterns or images.


Blunts are similar to joints and contain only marijuana. The difference is the smoking papers used for blunts are cigar papers instead of cigarette papers. Cigar papers hold more marijuana than cigarette papers which creates larger sizes with extra thickness.

Weed pipes

Marijuana pipes are basic devices for smoking and are often glass. Glass pipes should always be your first choice over alternatives like metal pipes because they provide less heat and prevent burns to your fingers whilst holding the pipe. Bowls are the part of glass pipes where you pack the weed in and the carb, a small hole that you cover with your thumb, allows the chamber to be cleared. You place your mouth over the hole at the end of the pipe to inhale.

Aluminum foil

Create a pipe out of Aluminum foil for a cheap way to smoke. Take a piece of smooth foil and fold it in half and in half once again. Use a pen and foil to create a cone shape with a round opening to smoke from. The wider end of the tube is bent up to form the bowl. for the marijuana. The problem with using foil is that you cannot use it multiple times and the foil can lead to health issues. So take my word for it, do no risk it if you are a first timer. Unless you are really feeling the pinch, stick to glass pipes if you can.

Bubbler Bubblers

Bubblers are the perfect mix of a classic bong and a glass pipe. The benefit of a bubbler is that the hits provide the right amount of power but they also provide convenience for travelling. The chambers are filled with water and the bowls store the weed. This is the right option if you are looking for something more portable.


Vaping from hookah is perfect for smoking herb with a group of friends. Beginners love it because the pipe provides a milder smoke because a lot of the cannabis is burned up with the tobacco. The reason most people use this device is to hide their cannabis use because it produces fruit smelling vape. However, people say that hookah vaping has more tar and toxins than a cigarette so can create more health problems.

If you are looking for new ways and things to smoke weed out of then this post will be right up your alley.