super sativa seed club

Super Sativa Seed Club

Super Sativa Seed Club is a legendary seed bank, being one of the first cannabis seed banks in the world, it was founded in the 80s and well-known by all cannabis cultivation enthusiasts.

Super Sativa Seed Club, the best Old School genetic lines

One of its founders was Karel Schelfhout, a “Sam The Skunkman” friend. He started cultivating cannabis through the underground culture in Holland and was interested in the art of breeding in order to develop and produce his own grass.

In fact, Karel began to cultivate cannabis indoors in abandoned houses, using rockwool cultivation techniques and mineral fertiliser. He mastered in hydroponic growing systems inspired from commercial horticulture techniques.

When “Sam The Skunkman” left California, he met Karel and offered him original Skunk and Haze cuttings. These were used at the time to develop some of the most famous varieties of Super Sativa Seeds Club.

Super Sativa Seed Club, cannabis pioneers

Before Super Sativa Seed Club, there was only Neville’s Seedbank from Neville Schonemaker, officially the first international cannabis seed bank in the world.

Neville crossed the 10 original Haze seeds of “Sam The Skunkman” with an Afghan strains selection from his travels, producing his own varieties. Karel obtained these new cultivars crossing them with the ones offered to him by “Sam The Skunkman” developing the first SSSC varieties.

Between 1985 and 1987, SSSC popularity blasted and millions of their varieties seeds were distributed worldwide. At that time, the High Times journal published an article about the Dutch bank and its success.

Super Sativa Seed Club, 35 years of cannabis passion

Even this success, at the end of 1987 the bank seed founders separated losing the majority of SSSC cultivars with just one exception, one of the best Haze and Skunk#1 hybrids that Karel kept until today, and it is now named “Old School Haze“.

During the 90s, Karel focused on the conservation of cannabis genetics lines, creating new strains for Dutch Coffee Shops and engaging in the research and development of indoor cannabis cultivation techniques, being acknowledged as an authority in these fields.

A few years later, his son Kees who was living in Barcelona and learned cannabis breeding on his own, returned to Holland to work with his father. Together they promoted the SSSC revival, starting using Old School Haze and old seeds from at the time the original SSSC seed bank, working with these seeds and reviving them again.

Cultivate the authentic Old School spirit and become part of the cannabis legend.

SSSC, cannabis pioneers, the best Old School genetic lines on the market