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The mother of this cross is the famous UK Cheese, a selection of Skunk#1 genetics done by British Exodus Collective around 1989. Its success had been immediate and international thanks to its powerful, complex aroma and its first class euphoric effect, that quickly won the hearts of the entire cannabis community.
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Cheestral – OUTLET
Cheestral cannabis strain from Underground Seeds Collective is a combination between two very different types of marijuana plants, with dissimilar origins and behaviour: this UK Cheese x Pakistan Chitral Kush hybrid is now available at Tropical Seeds Co on regular seed form.
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Cheestral presents a compact but vigorous growth, and doesn’t need more than 7-8 weeks of flowering to get ripe – tanks to PCK’s influence – which also gives these fall colors to a proportion of plants, specially at the end of flowering.

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The cannabis plants all have male and female chromosomes which means that both male and female genes are present, this is a natural mechanism for the marijuana plant to ensure offspring even if there are no male plants around.

To bring our regular strains to a next generation, we cross the selected male and female as clones. The pollination takes place with 1 pheno type female and 1 pheno type male. By repeating this over the years and making the right selections, the strains become more and more stable and further into the generations (also referred to as F1 F2 F3 etc.) more winning plants can be found in a bag of seeds. .
The worldwide cannabis market has grown accustomed to growing with feminized seeds since that way the grower will be assured of only female plants which of course makes life easier and that is fine!

USC collective is composed of different breeders, bringing each one its own philosophy of cannabis: pure Indica Afghani and Pakistani lines, elite clones such as Exodus Cheese and ECSD, landrace Sativa strains from Asia, South America and Africa, lost genetics as Ducks Foot.
Furthermore the creation of new varieties as Durgan Chitral or Cheestral, Underground Seeds also contributes since many years to select and reproduce marijuana lines such as Jamaican Lambsbread, to preserve these rare genetics and make it available for the whole cannabis community.
On the other hand, we have a responsibility to supply the highest quality cannabis seeds, and therefore we need regular cannabis seeds. By making selections with regular plants, the winning plants are sorted out to create the next generation of regular seeds or feminized seeds.
In a natural environment both males and females are present, so that in the course of the flowering period flowers will be pollinated and seeds can be made. These seeds are regular seeds which ensures that the following season there will be sufficient male and female plants again to continue the cycle.
Underground Seeds Collective is a cannabis seed bank founded by Landrace marijuana genetics lovers, to share the best strains of its collection on regular seeds form.

On average about 50% will be male and can be removed if no seed production is required, the rest of your plants will fill your space perfectly. The remaining plants are regular females and can be used for all purposes. Regular plants are stronger and if you found a winner you can also use it to make your own seeds. To the real enthusiasts creating seeds is the ultimate challenge in their hobby which they can really put their thought into.

Underground seeds collective or USC seeds are specialists in landrace strains and uses elite clones to improve there cannabis genetics

Condition: New product The mother of this cross is the famous UK Cheese, a selection of Skunk#1 genetics done by British Exodus Collective around 1989.