viper city og

Viper City O.G XIII

Alchimia presents here Viper City OG XIII by Moxie Seeds, a feminised cannabis strain with kush and lemony flavour created by backcrossing the Viper City OG and Lemon OG.

In this way, the Viper City OG female was pollinated with the Lemon OG male to produce a more intense citric scent.

This mostly Indica hybrid grows compact but with a considerable stretch at the beginning of the flowering stage. It is easy to grow and ideal for novice growers, also highly resistant to pests and moulds.

Viper CIty OG XIII is harvested after just 60-65 days of flowering, being suitable for outdoor cultivation thanks to its resistance to adverse conditions.

The smell and taste are reminiscent of lemons, with delicious spicy notes. The effect is body relaxing and perfect to improve mood.

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