weed laced with meth

Warning: your weed could be laced with meth

The biggest reason under-20s are admitted to state-run treatment centres in SA is cannabis, expert warns

Contaminated cigarettes bought on the black market. Cannabis laced with highly addictive crystal meth. Impure drugs cut with toxic ingredients. People taking illicit substances in SA and globally are exposed to these risks.

Ashley Potts, director of the Cape Town Drug Counselling Centre and chairperson of the Mitchells Plain Community Policing Forum, says that some people say they are using only dagga or weed when admitted to the centre, yet their drug tests show traces of the highly addictive drug meth.

“Sometimes dagga is laced [with meth] to get people hooked and we are seeing this quite regularly. Street drugs are mixed with so many contaminants,” he warns.

“The [police] forensics department tell us two substances acquired from the same community do not test the same.”

Overdoses are a real risk, not only among music legends like Brenda Fassie. The following substances landed people in hospital emergency rooms, according to the 2019 Global Drug Survey:

They were, in descending order: heroin, novel drugs (innovative products) and methamphetamine, synthetic cannabis, GHB/GBL, and alcohol. Overdosing on the colourless GHB is common, with one in four women and one in six men reporting they passed out on it in the past 12 months.

The biggest reason that youngsters under 20 are admitted to state-run treatment centres in SA is cannabis, says Prof Charles Parry of SA Medical Research Council, who says more awareness is needed around these risks as it becomes more freely available.

Of cannabis products on sale in SA, he says: “We do not know how much CBD or [or the psychoactive] THC are in them and they are being marketed as sexy, high-end products.”

Drug use in numbers

• 35-72 million: people with drug use disorders globally;
• 271 million: people who used drugs in 2016.

Source: Lancet Medical Journal in 2016

About one in 10 users of cannabis can develop a dependence on THC-containing cannabis, but the 2019 survey found that almost two-thirds of participants did not believe this fact.

The abuse of painkillers known as opioids is rising globally and SA is starting to mirror this trend.

Parry, director of the MRC’s Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Drugs Unit, says: “We are watching out for this and Tramadol/Tramacet is becoming an issue with young people. They are also mixing opiates with fizzy drinks to get high.”

About a sixth of participants in the latest survey reported using prescription opioids in the past 12 months, and half of them had used the painkiller drugs at least once to get high.

Opioids and stimulants, like amphetamines, are commonly linked to overdose deaths.

While opioid-related deaths are a problem, people using stimulants, like amphetamine and cocaine, have a six times higher rate of mortality.

The use of stimulants is a growing problem internationally with an estimated 16% and 11% of users, respectively, becoming dependent on them, reports Prof Louisa Degenhardt from the University of New South Wales National Drug and Alcohol Research Centre.

Mixing drugs, and alcohol and drugs, is particularly dangerous, and deaths from acute alcohol poisoning are a particular risk for men.

Many popular drugs – alcohol was number one – were linked to sexual assault among users both female (29% lifetime risk) and male (6%), the survey found.

To make safe choices people need scientific information and not moral judgements, specialists say, and legalising drugs would go a long way to achieve this.

In the South African Medical Journal in 2019, eminent doctors called for drugs to be legalised and regulated.

“There is a racial element in the way that the prohibition of drugs is done,” says UCT Emeritus Professor Daniel Ncayiyana, who was among them. “There are a lot of prejudices around drugs.”

The biggest reason under-20s are admitted to state-run treatment centres in SA is cannabis, expert warns

Slang Terms for Drug Combinations

This is a compilation of slang terms for drug combinations. Some slang terms refer to a particular combination, more than one combination or individual drugs. The only definitions included here are those that refer to combinations.

There are no authoritative, complete and verified lists of slang terms for drug combinations. It would be almost impossible to compile one because slang terms come and go over time and may be limited to a particular region, even a specific city.

What is revealing about a list like this is the utter disregard that drug abusers have for the destructive effects of these drugs on their minds, their bodies, and their futures.

The main benefits of having a list like this are being able to recognize when someone is referring to a drug combination and realizing how incredibly widespread the habit of polydrug abuse is.

  • 3M—Mescaline, mushrooms (psilocybin) and Molly (crystal Ecstasy)
  • A-bomb or atom bomb—Marijuana mixed with heroin
  • Amp joint—Marijuana cigarette laced with some form of narcotic
  • B-40—Cigar laced with marijuana and dipped in malt liquor
  • Back to back—Abuse of heroin followed by crack cocaine or vice versa
  • Banana split—Combination of the synthetic 2C-B with other illegal drugs,
    especially LSD
  • Banano—Marijuana or tobacco cigarettes doctored with cocaine
  • Bars—Heroin mixed with alprazolam/Xanax
  • Basuco—Incompletely refined cocaine paste sprinkled on a marijuana cigarette
  • Bazooka—Combination of crack cocaine or unrefined cocaine and marijuana
  • Beam me up, Scottie—Cocaine combined with PCP
  • Bipping—Snorting heroin and cocaine, either simultaneously or close together
  • Black Russian—Hashish and opium
  • Buda—High-grade marijuana with crack cocaine added
  • Bumping up—Combining Ecstasy with powder cocaine
  • C & M—Cocaine and morphine
  • Canade—Heroin and marijuana used together
  • Candy blunt—Marijuana-filled cigar (blunt) dipped in cough syrup
  • Candy flipping—Using LSD and Ecstasy together
  • Candy flipping on a string—Combining LSD and Ecstasy or LSD, Ecstasy and cocaine either all at once or in sequence
  • Capsizing—PCP and MDMA
  • Caviar—Cocaine and marijuana
  • Cheese—A mix of black tar heroin and diphenhydramine (most commonly found in Tylenol PM)
  • Chasing the dragon—Crack cocaine and heroin
  • Chips—Tobacco or marijuana cigarettes treated with PCP
  • Chronic—Marijuana mixed with crack
  • Clicker—Crack mixed with PCP or a marijuana cigarette treated with dipped in formaldehyde before smoking
  • Cocktail—Combination of crack and marijuana
  • Cocoa Puffs—Cocaine and Marijuana smoked together
  • Crackers—Talwin (narcotic painkiller) and Ritalin
  • Crescent roll—Marijuana laced with cocaine
  • Crisscrossing—Snorting a line of cocaine along with a line of heroin
  • Crunk—Getting high and drunk at the same time.
  • Diablito—Crack cocaine and marijuana in a joint
  • Dipped joints—Marijuana combined with PCP and formaldehyde
  • Dirties/Dirty joints—Marijuana mixed with powder cocaine
  • Donk—Marijuana and PCP
  • Draf—Ecstasy with cocaine
  • Dragon rock—Heroin and crack mixed together
  • Dust—Marijuana mixed with various other drugs such as cocaine, heroin or PCP
  • Dynamite—Cocaine mixed with heroin
  • Eightball—Crack cocaine and heroin
  • El diablito—Cocaine, marijuana, heroin and PCP
  • El diablo—Cocaine, marijuana and heroin
  • Elephant flipping—Use of PCP and Ecstasy with animal anesthetic ketamine
  • Ethan—LSD and cocaine
  • Fire—Crack and methamphetamine
  • Five-way—Snorting heroin, cocaine, methamphetamine, and Rohypnol while also drinking alcohol
  • Flamethrowers—Regular cigarettes treated with cocaine and heroin
  • Flower flipping—Ecstasy and mushrooms used together
  • Frisco special/Frisco speedball—Cocaine, heroin, and LSD
  • Fry/Fry sticks—Marijuana cigarettes dipped in embalming fluid or PCP
  • Fry daddy—Crack and marijuana mixed and smoked
  • Geek-joints—A marijuana cigarette with crack or powdered cocaine added
  • Gimmie—Crack and marijuana mixed together
  • Goofball—Cocaine and heroin
  • Greek—Marijuana and powder cocaine
  • H & C—Heroin and cocaine
  • H-bomb—Ecstasy and heroin
  • Handlebars—Combination of crack cocaine and alprazolam (Xanax)
  • Happy stick—Marijuana and PCP in a cigarette
  • He-she—Heroin mixed with cocaine
  • Herb and al—Marijuana and alcohol
  • Hippie flip—Use of mushrooms (psilocybin) and Ecstasy
  • Houston cocktail—Hydrocodone, a benzodiazepine like Valium or Xanax, and Soma/carisoprodol
  • Hugs and kisses—Combination of methamphetamine and Ecstasy
  • Illie/illy—Marijuana dipped in liquid PCP or embalming fluid and then dried
  • Jedi flip—Mushrooms, LSD, and Ecstasy
  • Jet fuel—PCP use combined with methamphetamine
  • Jim Jones—Marijuana treated with cocaine and PCP
  • Joy stick—Marijuana treated with PCP
  • Juice joint—Marijuana cigarette sprinkled with crack
  • Karachi—Heroin, phenobarbital (a sleeping drug), and methaqualone (depressant)
  • Killer weed—Marijuana and PCP
  • Kitty Bending—Ketamine and benzodiazepines (Xanax, Valium)
  • Kitty Boosting—Amphetamine and ketamine
  • Kitty Flipping—Ketamine and Ecstasy
  • Kitty Tripping—Ketamine and LSD
  • Lace—Cocaine and marijuana
  • Las Vegas cocktail—Hydrocodone and a benzodiazepine like Valium or Xanax
  • LBJ—Heroin plus LSD and PCP
  • Liprimo—Marijuana and crack mixed and formed into a cigarette
  • Love boat—Marijuana dipped in formaldehyde; a cigar refilled with marijuana
    and then dipped in liquid PCP; cigar refilled with marijuana that has heroin added
  • Love flipping—Mescaline and Ecstasy
  • Lucky flip—Ecstasy and synthetic 2C-T-7
  • Love trip—Mescaline and Ecstasy
  • Lovelies—Marijuana treated with PCP
  • Methball—methamphetamine and heroin mixed in one syringe
  • Missile basing—Crack and PCP
  • Moonrock—Crack and heroin
  • Murder one—Heroin and cocaine
  • Neon Nod—LSD and heroin
  • Nexus flipping—Nexus (the synthetic 2-CB) and MDMA
  • Nox—Nitrous oxide and MDMA
  • Octane—PCP laced with gasoline
  • On the ball—Ecstasy particles added to a bag of heroin
  • One and ones—Talwin (narcotic painkiller) and Ritalin
  • Oolies—Marijuana cigarettes laced with crack
  • Ozone—Cigarette containing marijuana, PCP and crack cigarette
  • P-dogs—Cocaine and marijuana
  • P-funk—Crack plus PCP
  • Pancakes and syrup—Glutethimide (hypnotic drug) and codeine cough syrup
  • Parachute—Smoking crack and PCP; smoking crack and heroin
  • Parachute down—Using Ecstasy when coming down off heroin
  • Party and play—Methamphetamine together with Ecstasy and Viagra
  • Party pack—The synthetic 2C-B plus other illicit drugs, particularly Ecstasy
  • Pharming—Mixing prescription drugs
  • Piggybacking—Simultaneous injecting two drugs; using Ecstasy sequentially to maintain the high
  • Pikachu—Pills containing PCP and Ecstasy
  • Polo—Heroin and dimenhydrinate (Dramamine)
  • Poor man’s heroin—Narcotic painkiller Talwin and Ritalin, injected
  • Poro—Heroin plus PCP
  • Primos—Marijuana joints treated with crack cocaine
  • Quiktrip—Methamphetamine and psilocybin
  • Red rock opium/Red rum—Heroin, sleeping pills, strychnine and caffeine
  • Ritz and Ts—Ritalin and Talwin, injected
  • Robo flipping—Ecstasy and dextromethorphan (cough medication)
  • Rompums—Marijuana with Xylazine or other horse tranquilizers
  • Sandwich—Two layers of cocaine with a layer of heroin in the middle
  • Scramble—Low purity heroin plus crack cocaine
  • Screwball—Heroin and methamphetamine
  • Serial speedballing—Sequencing cocaine, cough syrup, and heroin over period of days
  • Shabu—Powder cocaine and methamphetamine
  • Sherman stick—Crack cocaine with marijuana in a blunt (refilled cigar)
  • Smoking gun—Heroin and cocaine
  • Snowcone—Amphetamine and weed smoked together
  • Snow seals—Cocaine and amphetamine
  • Space base/Space blunt—Crack dipped in PCP; refilled cigar with PCP and crack
  • Space cadet/Space dust—Crack dipped in PCP
  • Speedball—Cocaine and heroin; may also refer to methylphenidate (Ritalin) mixed with heroin
  • Speedboat—Methamphetamine, PCP, heroin and cocaine or marijuana, PCP and crack smoked together
  • Speedkitten—Methamphetamine and ketamine
  • Speedies—Ecstasy adulterated with amphetamine
  • Spill—Speed and an ecstasy pill in the same line to be snorted
  • Splitting—Rolling marijuana and cocaine into a single joint
  • Spoke—Speed, crushed Ecstasy pill and coke in the same line to be snorted
  • Squirrel—PCP and marijuana that is laced with cocaine and smoked
  • Stupor stoning—Drinking alcohol while smoking marijuana
  • Sugar flipping—Ecstasy and cocaine
  • Super grass—Marijuana treated with PCP
  • Super X—Methamphetamine and Ecstasy
  • Tar—Smoking crack and heroin
  • Tipsy flipping—Alcohol and Ecstasy
  • Torpedo—Marijuana and crack
  • Troll—LSD and MDMA
  • Twisters—Crack and methamphetamine
  • Waffle dust—Ecstasy and amphetamine
  • Wet/Wet sticks—Marijuana cigarettes soaked in PCP or formaldehyde and dried
  • Whack—Heroin and PCP; Crack and PCP
  • Wicky—Powder cocaine, PCP and marijuana
  • Wild cat—Methcathinone (synthetic similar to methamphetamine) mixed with cocaine
  • Wollie/Woo—Adding crack rocks to a marijuana cigarette
  • Woola blunt/Woolah- Marijuana and heroin in a refilled cigar
  • Woolas—Crack sprinkled on marijuana cigarette
  • Woolie—Marijuana and heroin; marijuana and crack cocaine; marijuana and PCP
  • Woolies—Marijuana and crack or PCP
  • Yerba mala—PCP and marijuana

This is a compilation of slang terms for drug combinations. Some slang terms refer to a particular combination, more than one combination or individual drugs. The only definitions included here are those that refer to combinations.