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Cannabis Analyzer Higrade Scope

Alchimia presents the HiGrade microscope which, thanks to its special app, will turn your smart phone into a powerful analytical tool to determine the maturity and potency of your cannabis plants, as well as to detect and identify potential insect and fungal problems.

Easily adaptable to the lenses of all smart phone models, this microscope has 30x magnification and LED lighting, offering us an ideal device for taking accurate photos, such as macro shots of cannabis trichomes.

To exploit the full potential of the microscope, all we need to do is install the free HiGrade App, with access to a vast database of algorithms, but also thanks to expert farmers providing personalised advice and diagnostics.

3 photos will be enough to determine the maturity of our cannabis plants and estimate a harvest date, but also to evaluate their potency and quality for a more responsible consumption.

Similarly, the application will allow us to identify many crop pests, from mould to insects, as well as excesess or deficiencies of nutrients: the ideal way to keep up to date with the current state of our cannabis plants, and enable us to adjust our plant care to get the best results from them: a harvest of the highest quality!

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