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THC urine test (marijuana, cannabis test)

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THC urine test (cannabis)

Urine rapid test for THC (marijuana, cannabis, hashish. )

Highly reliable. Results in 5 minutes.
Made in France in our ISO 9001/13485 certified production lines.

The NarcoCheck quality with direct factory-price !

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The NarcoCheck ® THC rapid test strip is an immunoassay for fast the detection of cannabis (marijuana) use in human urine.

Only few drops of urine are needed. Dip the tip of the strip, and you will have a clear result 5 minutes.

Urinary tests are renowned for their reliability and are used by most medical laboratories, hospitals and detox centers.

What does this test exactly detect?

Cannabis in all forms, namely :

  • Marijuana / weed (grown indoor or outdoor)
  • Hashish
  • Cannabis oil

Whatever the mode of consumption is:

  • Smoked in cigarettes (joints)
  • Smoked in pipes (also called “bang”) or inhalers / vaporizers
  • Ingested, in the form of cakes or other mixtures with food.

What exactly is showing this test?

This test shows whether or not the urine being tested contains traces of cannabis.

The result will be negative ou positive.

  • Negative : no THC (cannabis traces) in the urine.
  • Positive : THC present in urine.

Note : To determine if the tested urine is weakly or heavily loaded with THC, use a
Cannabis (THC) urine test with pre-dosage

Caution : urinary tests should not be used as a road safety tool. Indeed, urinary tests will tell you if the person tested is a cannabis user, but are not designed to indicate whether you are able to drive or not. For your safety on the road you must use a cannabis saliva test.

When to use this test?

  • To search for traces of cannabis specifically. These urine single drug screening strips are then the most suitable and economical choice.
  • To provide a preliminary confirmation of a multidrugs urine test that would be positive for cannabis
  • To provide a preliminary confirmation of a saliva test.

Who is this test for?

  • For families and parents who want to maintain an active vigilance with their loved ones or their children.
  • For consumers themselves, who may need to know if they are detectable for certain substances.
  • For health professionals, laboratories, etc. (Please contact us directly).

How long does cannabis remains detectable in the urine?

The detection timeframe of cannabis use in urine varies depending on the metabolism and level of consumption of each person.

  • 2 to 3 days after the last intake, for exceptional or occasional consumptions.
  • 5 to 10 days, for more regular smokers (3 or 4 joints per week).
  • 14 to 30 days (even several months), for heavy consumers (1 joint per day and more).
  • Up to 40-60 days for some chronic consumers (several joints per day regularly).
  • 1 to 5 days, when the drug is ingested (infusion, cake etc . ).

Highly reliable rapid test. Detects cannabis use in 5 minutes. Made in France. The NarcoCheck quality with direct factory-price. Shipping in 24h.