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The cannabis industry is marked by both uncertainty and opportunity, with current and prospective players scrambling for a piece of a growing pie. CustomVault’s Cannabis Practice Group is focused on providing growing facilities and dispensaries with pre-approval/application assistance and solutions that center around the unique requirements of Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) validated high-security storage. We also lend our expertise to CBD oil extraction storage facilities and other industry adjuncts to ensure optimal security.

What You Need

Security Planning

A plan that ensures full compliance with security regulations as dictated by state statutes will be essential to your success. This necessitates pre-approval consulting and state application assistance to help you get to the starting line.

Those in the know select partners with expertise and long-term experience specific to cannabis AND pharmaceutical security solutions because there is no room for error.

Security Equipment Installation

Once approval is secured, the real work begins. While not legal on the Federal level, cannabis is still subject to DEA rules and restrictions. Per the Code of Federal Regulations 21CFR 1301.72, the governing specification for pharmaceutical applications, cannabis is a controlled substance thereby mandating secure storage at cultivation and processing facilities in addition to retail dispensaries via compliant:

  • DEA approved modular vault systems complemented by GSA Approved Class 5 and AR5 vault doors and day gates
  • TL 30 safes
  • Electronic Security

This is where those early planning partnerships segue to proper implementation. Compliance is essential to your survival in a contentious business environment. Cannabis and 21 CFR 1301.72 go together.

What We Deliver


CustomVault has over 35 years of experience and leadership in DEA validated vault and security solutions for the pharmaceutical industry and well over a decade of success in cannabis. Indeed, we have extended our expertise to the cannabis initiative as approvals have been secured state by state, working with growers and dispensaries nationwide. We are not new to this game – we can talk the talk and we decidedly know how to walk the walk.


CustomVault is not only expert at configuring solutions within DEA requirements, but also in optimizing the efficiency of operations for cannabis growing facilities and dispensaries. We understand your business.

CustomVault successfully manages:

  • Full Suite of Cannabis Consulting Servicesincluding the delivery of a comprehensive and compelling response to the security-related portion of your State Application. This includes:
    • Analysis and review of state and federal requirements, site assessment and surveys as required.
    • Delivery of comprehensive security design and overall integration to ensure optimal facility layout, and documentation/architectural drawings for a layered security plan that includes all components of physical and electronic security within the parameters of your budget.
    • Full application review with recommendations for avoiding common pitfalls.
  • Physical Security. CustomVault reviews your requirements to design and install the right physical storage solution(s) for both product and cash.
  • Electronic Security. CustomVault designs a complementary electronic security plan that optimizes employee and client protection, and provides forensic evidence to support your enterprise.
  • Transportation Security. CustomVault has designed an innovative solution for cash and product transfer between growers, dispensaries and third party.
  • Aggressive Timetables. Given our in-house resources, CustomVault has the quickest turnaround time in the industry and has met the most aggressive construction schedules. Shop drawings with structural and engineering evaluation can be provided in as little as two days.

Cannabis industry leader providing growing facilities and dispensaries with application assistance and meeting DEA security requirements. ]]>