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The Great American Weed: Best Cities to Legally Toke Up in the U.S.

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The legalization of marijuana for recreational and medical purposes is rapidly changing in America. Many states are adjusting their laws and regulations on weed, or creating new ones altogether. Most recently, Michigan voters passed an amendment that would legalize recreational marijuana, and Utah and Missouri approved the drug for medical use.

While some states allow you to carry up to one ounce of marijuana on you, it is still illegal to smoke up or consume in public, in company of children, or outside of your own home, depending on where you are, and the fines for doing so can be up to $500. In other words, don’t do that. Additionally, in many states where recreational weed is legal, you need a medical marijuana card to purchase. And no matter where you are, it’s illegal to drive while high. It’s always a good idea to ask a friend to be your DD before you light up.

As legal marijuana becomes more readily available, places like Colorado and Oregon are taking on a new life, allowing residents and visiting stoners to experience abstract art museums, outdoor sculpture gardens, ice cream shops, and hybrid comfort food pubs as they never have before. In honor of this cultural shift, we’ve uncovered our favorite places to toke up in the United States—the best cities to smoke weed in legally, towns that are full of activities to keep you occupied and entertained when you’re high AF. Just remember, laws are subject to change, so double check the most up-to-date ordinances before you fire up the bong.

We uncovered our favorite places to toke up in the United States—these are the best cities to legally smoke weed.