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Witcher 3: Where to Respec Your Abilities and Get All the Potions of Clearance

We show you how you can reset your skills and your build to start anew in Witcher 3.

Guide by Joel Franey, Guides Writer

Updated on 10 March 2020

Witcher 3 has numerous abilities, skills and builds to make, but sooner or later you might regret your choices in how you specialize Geralt, or just want to try a new approach altogether. Here we’ll show you how to respec yourself (before you wreck yourself).

  • How Do I Respec My Build in Witcher 3?
  • Where to Get the Potion of Clearance

How Do I Respec My Build in Witcher 3?

To reset your skill tree and get all your ability points back, you’ll need a rare elixir called the Potion of Clearance, a single-use consumable item that resets Geralt’s points when he throws one back.

Once you get a Potion of Clearance, you can find it, appropriately enough, in the potions section of your inventory, marked as a little jam jar of green liquid with a skull and crossbones on the front. Consume it as you would any drink, and now you can simply go into the character menu and assign all those ability points accordingly.

Potions of Clearance are the only way to respec, and they always cost a lot of money. | Joel Franey/USgamer, CD Projekt Red

Where to Get the Potion of Clearance

These potions are rare and can only be purchased, not found in the world. The exception to this is that you are given a free Clearance Potion straight into your inventory when you start New Game+, but all others must be bought from merchants, and they always cost the same price: 1000 crowns.

Aside from the free New Game+ potion, there are four you can buy in the main game, and four more in the Blood and Wine DLC. They belong to these characters:

Base Game

  • Keira Metz
  • Gremist
  • Yolar
  • An unnamed merchant’s shop in Gildorf, Novigrad

Blood and Wine

  • The herbalist to the east of Lazare Lafargue
  • The merchant in the Hauteville Perfumery
  • The herbalist at Castel Ravello Estate
  • The herbalist at Coronata Vineyard

While all these function identically, the easiest to find is the unnamed merchant in Novigrad, for whom you need to complete no additional quests, only have the 1000 crowns necessary to pay. We’ve marked the location below for your convenience.

The location of Novigrad’s only Clearance Potion. | Joel Franey/USgamer, CD Projekt Red

If you found that helpful, why not go see some of our other guides for more advice on how to conquer the world of the Witcher? Those who respec their skills might want to think about trying a crossbow-based build like the one here, or you could always learn how to maintain your weapons like a pro with our easy how-to guide.

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We show you how you can reset your skills and your build to start anew in Witcher 3.

Something New

Witcher 3: How to Respec Geralt & Change His Skills

A Witcher 3 guide on how to respec with locations on Potion of Clearance vendors needed to buy them and quick tips on respecing abilities.

The talent tree in Witcher 3 is wide and varied and at one point or another, the choices of what to spec into can take a slight turn. During gameplay, once the ability points that Geralt accumulates are set, there’s no immediate method to change them once applied. The best and only method to change them is with the Potion of Clearance. This is worth every Crown as each beginner has probably made a misstep along the way and even veterans can tweak how they want to put their points into their abilities.

A Potion of Clearance can be gotten a few different ways such as vendors, with the most popular ones being Keira Metz, Yolar, and the shop in Gildorf, Novigrad. Getting to each of these places is a small task in themselves and we’ll show great ways to get to each. A small note for all beginners, getting to Novigrad can only be done by completing all the story missions in White Orchard which opens up the World Map to exploration.

Potion of Clearance Vendors in Witcher 3

One location for getting a Potion of Clearance is with Keira Metz. She’ll be located in Velen in the town of Midcopse on the western side of the map. To unlock her Geralt needs to start the Hunting a Witch quest which is one of the main story quests. Once the quest is completed Keira will be able to sell the Potion of Clearance to Geralt.

Another seller is in the town of Gildorf in Novigrad. This location is a shop near the northern part of the map at St. Gregory’s bridge. the location is in a small town square a small walk to the east of the bridge. Inside the town square, the shop is on the west side near the barber.

More advanced locations for vendors are Yolar and the Germist who can be unlocked after arriving in The Skellige Isles. Getting them will require a bit of work and some hunting. For Yolar, he’s in a cave west of the Gedyneith fast travel location that is on the east coast of the map on the upper side of the map. As for the Germist, one of the advanced alchemy quests called the Practicum needs to be completed to unlock his ability to sell this potion.

How to Use the Potion of Clearance in Witcher 3

Upon getting a Potion of Clearance, the item can be used directly from the inventory. There’s no need to put it in one of the consumable slots like food or health potions to get it to work. Once it’s used from the inventory, the effects are instantaneous. The moment it’s used, open the menu and the ability points will all be reset to zero and all points will be available to be redistributed. Some recommendations on points, while they’re being reset, would be Muscle Memory, Strength Training, and Melt Armour if combat is more preferable. If Magic is more eye-catching try using, Far-Reaching Aard, Exploding Shield, and Delusion. For the Alchemist at heart, give a go on Poisoned Blades, Frenzy, and Refreshment. These should be the start of Geralt’s ability trees and surefire ways to get him on the path to success when respecing.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is available for Playstation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

A Witcher 3 guide on respecing with Potions of Clearance vendors and tips on respecing abilities. ]]>