where to buy syrian rue seeds locally

Where to buy syrian rue seeds locally

Have heard an odd health food store might but honestly, they are not illegal, can buy on line

Mushroom hunting: One bad mushroom can ruin your day! Know it or throw it.

Favorite entheogen experiences in descending order:
1)Combo of oral DMT + smoked Bufotenine
2)Amanita (urine drank twice)
3)Mushrooms > Achuma 16″+cid(still need higher dose Achuma)> Cid (still need high dose)
4)Morning Glory-HBWR (+cumin, cinnamon aldehyde adducts) > Methyl chavicol (need more activators)
5)Salvia (need to try quid)

All readable matter in the above post is ficticious. any similarities to real life are purely coincidental.

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I’m looking to buy syrian rue seeds from a store, does Walmart or whole foods have them? I searched a bit online but most people bought them online. Thanks