white castle weed

White Castle

White Castle by Nirvana Seeds is an F1 hybrid of two legendary Cannabis Cup winning cannabis strains. A crossing of a White Widow and a male Ice plant, White Castle delivers an ample yield of trichome laden buds that are perfect for making extracts with. Though White Castle is known for it’s pain killing properties, it also provides smokers with an uplifting cerebral high reminiscent of it’s mother White Widow.

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White Widow x Ice

Flowering Time
The flowering time of White Castle is usually around 8 to10 weeks

This strain grows to medium height and yields around 400 – 500 grams per square meter using the “Sea of Green” method

Mint, Menthol, Pine, Earthy, Floral

The effects of White Castle are uplifting yet calming. This hybrid does a good job of balancing the Indica and Sativa highs

Medicinal Uses
Pain Relief, Anxiety, Stress, Muscle Relaxation, Appetite, Nausea

THC – 15-24%

Nirvana's White Castle is an F1 marijuana hybrid of two absolute winners. With a White Widow mother and our award-winning Ice for a father, White Castle marijuana