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This is a true story of my wife April and me. We had gotten married after an 8 month courtship, me at 42 and her at 35. When we made love we always got off on me getting her pregnant but as her tubes were tied this was just a fantasy sex trip for us both. She had had two daughters in her first marriage and I two sons in mine.

Well after about 6 months of marriage my dear beautiful wife had decided to get her tubes reversed. I had no say in her decision she just said” I’m doing it and thats the end of it.

Of course 10 grand later from my wallet and her tubes were back where nature had made them. For 6 weeks i did without pussy, beating my meat over old photos of her or some internet porn. My wife would say just be happy knowing when you get back into this tight box of mine ” we will be making a baby.

Well during those six weeks id had all kinds of fantasies involving her. Even the darkwanderer site of unfaithful wives stories really got me going. The thought of another man fucking my wife pissed me off, but the jealousy and fright were an almost deep aphrodisiac of their own.

My mind raced with the possibilities of a 3 way with her and me. Then i thought how in the hell could i get her to do that, she is so straight and proper.

Then it hit me,we were into our third month of baby making and still no baby. THE PLAN………….
Let me describe my beautiful wife and then my plan of action. April has long flowing black hair to her ass, deep green eyes and a face thats picturesque. She was good looking enough to get a job as a waitress at a big famous dancehall here in town. The guys went nuts over her. Aprils figure is 38-24-38 5 foot 7 135pounds, a picture that wet dreams are made of.

Her ass is heart shaped and legs that flow to the moon when raised high in the air while Im fucking her.
On with the plan, she was becoming disheartened about not becoming pregnant yet and i suggested a weekend in a resort about 4 hours away. April had been using those ovulation test strips and she was coming into her peak very soon and if i guessed my timing she could get a baby this weekend.
Being a devious man when need be, we packed up and headed for the mountains for our weekend. While on the road i stopped for a six pack to get her tipsy so i could reveal my plan to her from a compassionate stand point.

I told her ” baby your not being pregnant yet i know has upset you and I maybe the one at fault here, you see i never told you but i have a very low sperm count”.

She looked at me and about screamed, but after a few moments she calmed down and said ” i guess ill never get to have a baby then. I sat quiet for a moment as if i were thinking , then i answered back” honey what if …….. she cut me off ” what if what she says…….. What if we went to a bar and you picked out a STUD for yourself and i went away for the evening while you did the deed.

She looks at me in total crazy form ”Youd let another man fuck your wife and get her pregnant are you fucking crazy or what…………. no i yelled back, i just wanted you to have a baby thats all. The baby you always wanted to be a mommy again.

She sat up opened another beer and thought for an hour then she spoke up’ if i did this id want you to be there while it happened it be like it was you inseminating me and not a stranger.

The plan is in action the idea has been set and is coming to fruition. By the time we reached our destination it was getting late. So we got a room and discussed the idea further all the while im trying to hide my rock hard cock from site. In the motel my wife put on her killer nite gown red panties with a halter style top.

I got up grabbed a beer and laid beside her trying to get me some pussy from her. I grabbed her tit and massaged it and reached for her pussy when she grabbed my hand and slowly stroked my finger to her wet snatch. I took my other hand and undid my fly and got out my raging hardon for relief knowing that my beautiful wife was going to fulfill my fantasy. As i reached over her to get into position for a hot fuck she cut me off cold. Sorry she says this is for the father of my baby and i don’t want you screwing it up.

Now baby how can i screw it up”am i not a part of this”, she went on to stroke my cock and ever so sweetly say i found your saved porn on your computer and you want me to act out this fantasy don’t you…………
Dam-it busted at my own game, the nerve i had it all figured out down to her insemination and my own desires fulfilled. April looked at me then letting go of my cock and said i don’t think i could ever do that.

THEN I GOT UP AND OUT THE DOOR, pissed off and ready to get drunk. She followed me later and found me in the motel lounge drinking a jack and coke. I looked her way but she went to the other end of the bar and just sat there looking at all the men.

One of the guys went her way tapped her and asked for a dance. She got up and whispered into his ear and off to the dance floor she went. My god she had put her skimpiest bikini thong on with a towel wrapped around her flat stomach , her hips flared out and her pussy jutted forth as she walked to the floor. The man obviously feeling proud having hit on my beautiful wife grabbed her up and danced a slow country number for the first dance. April was really showing her stuff for everyone to see ,as she was slowly pulled to his chest she ground her pussy into his leg and like a cat in heat smiled deeply at me as if to say i just may.

The song led to another and after 3 songs she was led to a dimly lit corner of the bar and sat down with her dance partner. I gave her and him about 10 minutes to become better acquainted before i made a move towards that end of the bar. From my new vantage point i could see the man was about 6 foot 4 220 and of mixed decent possibly African and white but more white than black. My fantasy hadn’t involved a man like that but hell who was i to be picky except for the impregnation part of my fixation.

My wife seemed very taken by the attention of the man and she quickly slid to him and wrapped her arm around him when i came into view of her. I finally decided to risk the moment and buy a beer for the table and make my presence known. APRILS wedding rings were clearly visible to everyone and it was quite obvious this man wasn’t her husband she was with. His reaction was why you here boy. I then said well this is my wife your with and the man started to stand up i thought but he quickly turned to April and gave her a big kiss and grabbed her tits. My wife looking dazed and a bit drunk accepted his advances and kissed him deeply back and then said to me ” this might be a time we can play a bit but he will have to wear a condom if we do it. WOW what a relief i had been afraid she might be doing this to get back at me and risk being made pregnant tonight by this guy.

We finished our beers ,all the while this man who i never got his name other than Jamal , was pawing my wife and stroking her pussy and ass in front of me.

Jamal asked me as we got up ”dude why would you ever let any man touch this babe she is just to fuckin hot.

HEY look its just a thing you need to try at least once you know. He said im just glad i get to fuck this beautiful wife of yours.

April was a bit tipsy but she seemed to be getting sober on the way to our room with Jamal. She was trying to stop his grabbing at her and kissing on her. Then as we get into the room she turns to say to Jamal I dont think we should you see” then she gets cut off by a big kiss from Jamal and he goes for her bikini bottoms. I grabbed her from behind and pulled her onto the bed. Jamal had her bottoms off as we hit the bed. April starts pleading she really doesn’t want this and Jamal lays with her on the bed slowly coaxing her to go through with our plans. I could tell this could go wither way and i said ill be back in a few minutes and i left while Jamal talked to her. i had left the window curtains back just a bit as we came inside earlier. It was enough to see the bed and all the action if it were to happen. Jamal i could see was making points with April but she was still holding back. But then a strange thing happened Jamal was rubbing her pussy and she was responding he had said something to her just before he moved to her pussy. I later learned Jamal had said he didn’t think he could get a woman pregnant to her as he had been married once and they had never used any protection and she never got pregnant.

April had told him how horny she got when she was ovulating but that she didn’t want to make a mistake and get knocked up by someone other than me so you have to wear a condom. She also told him what i said about a low sperm count and that she thought it all a bunch of shit and that i sooner or later get her pregnant.

Jamal now took her in his arms and slowly made his way between my ovulating wifes legs. I saw her wedding rings against her tanned legs as she opened up to Jamals movements. It was then I saw Jamals large dark cock as she took it from his pants for the first time. Jamal lowered his pants to his hips and then my wife kicked them to the floor with her sexy foot. As Jamal gently laid between her thighs his cock nestled to her bush and parted her slit.

April pulled back a bit and looking at the precum collecting at Jamals cock she asked him again your sure you cant make me pregnant No problem baby I’ll wear a condom. April hand Jamal a condom as she watch he rip it open and roller it down his huge cock as it barely fit and stopped halfway down. Jamal just kissed her deeply and pushed into her fertile depths. It was then i came back and enetered the room to see his powerful first deep thrust deep into my wife and I could see the condom on Jamals huge cock. Aprils legs came up high in the air and locked around Jamals back. I could see her beautiful ass and his cock buried so deep his balls were bouncing from her cheeks. My god what a set of big balls so full, so hot ,so full of sperm and alive. I walked to the edge of the bed April looked at me with disgust, and when i said glad he’s wearing a condom or youll get pregnant she just kicked at me and said sit down and leave me alone…….. you wanted this now your getting it. Needless to say Jamal was jeering at me and saying what a tight white pussy as he pulled his huge condom covered cock from her wet pussy he then smile a me and reach down with one hand and pulled and stretched the condom until it broke, he then thrusted balls deep into her pussy again he was gonna seed her womb with his c***d. April stopped frozen a look of fear in her eyes , the moment of fate had arrived she grabbed Jamals arms and tried to get away from him as he said. April I’ve gotten 6 ladies pregnant this same way and you’ll make lucky 7. The lunges from Jamal quickened a look between their coupled bodies and my wifes flat tanned stomach was contracting , an o had formed at the base of Jamals cock signaling that April was indeed ovulating and taking in Jamals cock to the hilt.

Jamal was really pounding her pussy with each deep thrust and APRIL was crying more begging not to be knocked up. Jamal’s head reared up his back arched ,he grabbed April by the hips in both hands and buried his balls deeply into my wife fertile womb and blasted away 1 ,2 3 four mighty spurts of sperm into her white tanned flat belly. as his cock pumped his seed each convulsing spurt made her belly rise and fall almost as if she were sucking in the demon seed of Jamals giant black cock.

After Jamal had finshed he pulled out with a plop, cum was clinging to Aprils pussy lips and to Jamals cock tip.

And all i could do was stair as the big globs of virile sperm raced out of my lovely wife and back into her fertile tummy. Jamal got up and patted my wifes flat tanned belly and said yep thats my baby in you now………….. We left that same night, my wife crying all the way home with Jamals cum still pouring from her slit. We got home late and April slept late the next day trying to forget what she had done. But as the weeks passed things got back to the normal routine. except i didnt get any pussy. Then one morning about 3 months after her night with Jamal, i walked in the bathroom to find April comming out of the shower with a slite bulge to her formerly flat belly. The sign was there she was pregnant with Jamals baby after all. April just looked at me and said well you got your fantasy didnt you.

Well she was very pregnant from that night with Jamal, her belly grew very big and as she would ride me in bed she would stick her belly out and remind of the site i beholded when his big black cock was shooting that potent load of sperm deep in my wifes very fertile womb……

Read Black Seed Wife Blacken – Free Sex Story on! This is a true story of my wife April and me. We had gotten married after an 8 month courtship, me at 42 and her at 35….