wonder kush

Wonder Kush

Wonder Kush from SickMeds is a cross between the Jedi Kush cut (F3 generation) and a Williams Wonder male. Jedi Kush from The Cali Connection is a hybrid between Sour Diesel, Sensi Star and OG Kush, which enhances both the taste and resin production of Williams Wonder, providing a more social and balanced effect.

Wonder Kush plants grow vigorous, although the Indica influence of Williams Wonder tends to limit the stretch of Jedi Kush. Plants are ripe after 8-9 weeks of bloom, with abundant yields of frosty buds.

The smell and taste of Wonder Kush are unique, a subtle blend of sweet lemony notes and woody, hashy and kush undertones. Most phenos have the typical homemade lemonade smell with notes that reminds of spring hikes: musk, pine, ferns.

The effect of Wonder Kush from SickMeds is happy and pleasant, improving the mood and wrapping our body with a soft feeling. This strain is suitable as daily smoke, while medicinally it can help to combat anxiety, pains, nausea, insomnia and eating disorders.

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